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Moto Racer Mens Black Leather Jacket

  • We Believe in the Beauty of Simplicity
    Yazizo jackets are negligible and made for regular wear. Our plans are ageless in any style without overwhelming it, in light of the fact that there is Beauty in Simplicity.

    Product Detail:
    For this Outerwear style, we adopted a base of more than ~1.2mm thick Real Biker Leather (Made from Lambskin Leather). Product dyeing is a priority here and is based on a base that contains Vegetable Oil. At the base, it is drum-dyed to a lower density than the finished color at the dyeing stage, plus ironed to control the amount of heat and darken the hue of the color. we uneven the expression on the jacket accompanied by the shade caused by the dyeing of the product, which in turn expresses a moderate natural modern texture that is even more dazzling. The first place which gives off a unique presence different from the dyed series of other double shoulder products is based on a thick, solid, and hard texture that uses leather originating from the shoulders. Note: The color will become slightly darker due to its transparent appearance. Do not stretch it for an extended time as it will fall prey to different proportions. Yazizo Jackets are made by caring people who love their jobs, so you won’t get disappointed when wearing them!! (Dry Clean only)
    A Great Gift:
    These beautiful Jackets Would be a perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Buy these jackets for your Husband, Son, Brother, or best friend, and without a doubt, you have purchased the perfect present for any occasion, whether it is for Father’s Day, Valentine-day, Christmas, Graduation, or their Birthday.
    Material: Lambskin Leather
    Colors: Brown, Burgundy, Camel, Green

    Key Features

    • zipper closure
    • Dry Clean Only
    • [Purest Leather] 1.0mm ~ 1.2mm thick 100% Real Lambskin and Tanned Leather. The essential cover-up of oil is because Genuine leather Absorbs oil and wax.
    • [Greatest Features] Inner - Lining is plain silk satin and its color is black. The lining also has two inner pockets. There are two pockets (with zippers) on the outer side! You will absolutely fall in love with the leather finish of this jacket.

SKU: Pr-24 Black M

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