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The Need For Speed With Biker Jacket

October 01, 2021 | By Pure Leather

Need For Speed With Biker Leather Jacket

Ever felt a need for speed in your life? Do you know will you ever feel it? We do and we do a lot of these times. Don’t you want just flail your one hand in the air and the other one pivoting the handle of a motorcycle while wearing a high-end jacket made from the purest leather. Well, if you have the motorcycle part settled and need the jacket for it then you are in the right place. Pure Leather can help you get that jacket and it is literally named after a bike. We call it PR-40, The “Real Biker” Jacket and in the following words you are getting an introduction about it. 

The Style

We have here an article that promises to be a good companion when you go for motorcycle rides. It has got a lapel (and folding) collars, with a button on each side and a great looking zipper for sliding and fastening the jacket around your body. Throughout the jacket you will find pockets for your utility.

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This particular model is made in the purest form of Sheep Natural Leather. The leather of this kind is specifically 1.0 to 1.2 MM thick, which gives you a shield against the cold weather that may arise when you are travelling on your motorcycle. 

The texture of it will give you different tinges of the same color as the oil applied to it can at times absorb it in different amounts thus giving off a different color vibe. This not at all means that the jacket is faulty but it specifically releases a texture on the jacket, which makes it more of a vintage looking jacket like something passed onto son from a father. 

Why Will You Love It?

That is a nice question. But, still it can be answered in a lot of ways, though the first and foremost is that the style of it is stemming from classic old American flair. You know, something like Brando would love to wear. In fact, he does wear it in a lot of his movies but one of these comes to the mind, which is “The Wild One”. Search Google and then you will find out about it. One could even call it a Brando Jacket as it is unanimously known in relation to him. So, an American symbol wearing a style like ours PR-40 ensures that there is an incredible juxtaposition of US Style with great quality (inspired by the Japanese no less) and this is why you will also love it. So, welcome to the brand of Pure Leather and PR-40, The “Real Biker”.

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