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How To Style Moto Racer Tan Leather Jacket

October 01, 2021 | By Pure Leather

Moto Racer Lambskin Leather Jacket 

Moto Racer Model

Ideally, the perfect moto racer biker jacket is a highly respected component of a biker gear and can last as quality protection for years to come with the right care. This moto racer jacket goes  beyond the gear to:

  • Motorcycle Racer is suitable for KTM, Ducati and vintage bikers.
  • European Motor Bikers fit for BSF, Royal Enfield and BOB Riders, Custom Choppers.
  • Speed ​​Bikers Japan is suitable for YAMAHA, 6R1 and HONDA CBR.

Magnetic Highlights

  • These products are manufactured to the highest specification standards and are quality tested and guaranteed.
  • 100% handmade made to perfection.
  • Vegetable Tanned lambskin represents the epitome of quality and beauty and is made to last a lifetime.
  • The technique of tanning and finishing of leather products (oil and wax treatment) is carried out in the Japanese city - HIMEJI - which is called deep oil vegetable articles.
  • Includes all sizes, which are available in M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL. 
  • YKK double zip closure at the front which acts as a windbreak and less panel use overall.
  • To reduce wind vibrations when driving at high speed, it fits snugly on the body and arms.

Why We Call Moto Racer Jacket

The answer  here  can be worn with casual shirts, tees, cargo pants, running pants and chinos. Can be worn on formal occasions and travel well. This gives you the freedom to browse comfortably. Style points include a slim fit with a regular waist.


Vegetable tanned lambskin, two zip pockets on waist and zip on cuffs and panels, YKK Strong zip.

  • Veg-tanned Lambskin Leather

  • Protection
    This moto racer leather jacket protects us from the air while driving. The overall finish of the leather jacket is absolutely amazing. Plus, the length is cut to sit around the hips and zipped  for added protection from the elements. In this way, the person is protected from the air and rain while wearing a helmet. Waist pocket designed  to keep your belongings safe.

    • Appearance
      Mot Racer Veg-tanned Lambskin Leather takes luxury to a new level and offers the hottest ready-to-wear for men. With bold style and  timeless touches, this is the perfect place  for the man who cares about style and function.
      • Sleeves & Pockets
        This item has a zipper at the cuff. The sleeves have 2 sections and the zipper is placed at the back seam.

        This moto racer jacket contains  two zip pockets at the waist and a zip at the cuffs. These pockets are sewn into the lining of the jacket and only a narrow horizontal opening appears on the sides of the  jacket as well to protect the contents of the bag at high speed, so don't worry about your wallet or cell phone while driving.

        Styling With Brown Color Jacket

        The brown colored jacket is a classic outerwear that instantly adds something new to your everyday look. Lighter shades of  Vegetable tanned leather is made by a special process that harnesses the power of natural tannins. It is found in organic materials to add a unique look  to  animal skins. Lambskin is known for its soft and supple texture, as it is highly preferred for high-quality leather jackets and other garments. Vegetable tanned leather does not contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment.

        Fine Grain

        Its fine fine grained texture makes it stand out among all other skin types. This softness means greater responsibility for wear and scratch.

        Softness and Feel

        Vegetable tanned lambskin has a softer and smoother texture, therefore it is perfect for making high-quality clothes. In addition, lambskin can become softer and smoother over time.


        This moto racer turtleneck leather jacket is the hottest new item in our collection this season. This jacket will make you look irresistible for a  long time. The high quality material used in this jacket is so good that everyone will  love  it. YKK double zip closure at the front which acts as a windbreak. Stunning stitching designs on the cuffs and waist add to the beauty of this masterpiece. Impressive stitch details that will give you a fantastic look.

        Comfort Level

        Lambskin, unlike other leather types, is almost 50% lighter and more elastic than cowhide (1.2 mm thick), making it very comfortable to wear all day long.
        Vegetable tanned lambskin can also stretch very easily and this ensures that the leather maintains its integrity through repeated use.

        Durability Quotient

        Lambskin products need to be treated, as they are more susceptible to wear and tear.


        Vegetable lambskin is well known as a premium and luxury clothing material. It is this creamy and buttery taste that sets it apart from other luxurious leathers like caviar, which have a rougher texture by comparison.


        Vegetable lambskin is a highly insulated material. In addition to retaining heat, lambskin will work hard to withstand the cold. Lambskin is cold-resistant, ensuring  you  stay cozy and comfortable during the long winter months. 


        Pure Leather aims to provide the most beautiful and durable product packaging. Take a unique idea and push it further with Pure Leather and a ready-to-ship logo.


        Very pleased.
        Really nice quality. Very pleased with my purchase?
        By Fred Sanchez

        Excellent fit. nice form fitting
        love the style, the cut very stylish
        By Russell Fellezs

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